mercredi 2 mai 2012

Movie Premieres

I love movie premieres. I’m a big fan of them and I go as often as I possibly can. And if you’re wondering, yes I am one of those lunatics that are sitting/standing for 6 hours before the movie is supposed to start. I love doing that, and sure by 11 o’clock I get a little loopy, but I promise it’s always a good time.

When I go see midnight showings I usually go through two very different feelings:

1. In the beginning I feel silly and geeky for being in line in a theater for 6 hours.

2. After a few hours, I feel like the least geeky person on the planet because I didn’t bring my      DS, comic books, laptop and most importantly a costume from the movie I’m about to watch. (I have sort of promised my boyfriend that I will dress up as Catwoman for the next Batman movie, I’m not convinced.)
Not so much this

More this
Being in a crowd of movie goers is always an interesting experience. I usually try to guess which movie they’re going to watch. It’s a fun social experiment. However, there is no crowd quite as obvious as the superhero movie premiere crowd. I have seen costumes that are barely appropriate for the beach nevermind a theater. And of course, there are always the incredibly accurate people who have been building up to this moment for months now. I never have gotten into all that, although I do find it incredibly entertaining. There seems to be a connection between both the geeky community and costumes which I find fascinating. I guess it’s the equivalent of wearing your hockey team’s jersey, just you know, way more obscure.

There is a sort of magic that happens at movie premieres that almost never happens elsewhere in my life. All these people are here for the same goal: to watch this long awaited movie. We wait for months and even years to finally have that moment. It’s like living through a bonding experience with plenty of strangers. Nothing confirms that as much for me than the clapping at the end. It’s almost like a personal and a group victory that we just watched this movie and that it was awesome.

And just so you know, Avengers is coming out May 4th and I am pumped because I haven’t been to a midnight showing in a long time. This is going to be awesome! 


5 commentaires:

  1. But... You won't have to wait in line forever for The Avengers premiere, you already have booked your seats.
    God I wish I could be with you for the premiere! I really don't want to watch the movie in french. It's gonna be SO painful! Life sucks...

  2. If you dress up as Catwoman for TDKR, I'm going as Hulk for Avengers.

  3. I hate movie premieres for all the reasons you like them. Waiting in line hurts my back and feet. I find applause at the end extremely cheesy (even the key grip is unlikely to be in the theater to receive your appreciation). And the whole costuming geek pride moment is just embarassing to me, if not actively annoying (I once had a movie spoiled for me seconds before any given scene by someone telling their kid brother what was about to happen according to the script they'd read online).

    But then, I hate movie theaters in general.




  5. Poke it with a stick.

    This feels like Sand By Me.