mercredi 2 mai 2012

Movie Premieres

I love movie premieres. I’m a big fan of them and I go as often as I possibly can. And if you’re wondering, yes I am one of those lunatics that are sitting/standing for 6 hours before the movie is supposed to start. I love doing that, and sure by 11 o’clock I get a little loopy, but I promise it’s always a good time.

When I go see midnight showings I usually go through two very different feelings:

1. In the beginning I feel silly and geeky for being in line in a theater for 6 hours.

2. After a few hours, I feel like the least geeky person on the planet because I didn’t bring my      DS, comic books, laptop and most importantly a costume from the movie I’m about to watch. (I have sort of promised my boyfriend that I will dress up as Catwoman for the next Batman movie, I’m not convinced.)
Not so much this

More this
Being in a crowd of movie goers is always an interesting experience. I usually try to guess which movie they’re going to watch. It’s a fun social experiment. However, there is no crowd quite as obvious as the superhero movie premiere crowd. I have seen costumes that are barely appropriate for the beach nevermind a theater. And of course, there are always the incredibly accurate people who have been building up to this moment for months now. I never have gotten into all that, although I do find it incredibly entertaining. There seems to be a connection between both the geeky community and costumes which I find fascinating. I guess it’s the equivalent of wearing your hockey team’s jersey, just you know, way more obscure.

There is a sort of magic that happens at movie premieres that almost never happens elsewhere in my life. All these people are here for the same goal: to watch this long awaited movie. We wait for months and even years to finally have that moment. It’s like living through a bonding experience with plenty of strangers. Nothing confirms that as much for me than the clapping at the end. It’s almost like a personal and a group victory that we just watched this movie and that it was awesome.

And just so you know, Avengers is coming out May 4th and I am pumped because I haven’t been to a midnight showing in a long time. This is going to be awesome!